3D Printer Innovations

Today we’re recognizing the 3d printer innovations that are rocking the science, medical, business, product development and design worlds.

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In the Summer of 2014 NASA is planning to launch their very first 3d printer into space which will give astronauts the ability to create useful and necessary hardware pieces on the spot. If that’s not enough of a Star Trek parallel, it has also been rumored that NASA is also in the works to create a 3d printer which can create food on demand in space. Since innovators have already created chocolate dispensing 3d printers, we’re pretty confident that eating 3d pizza in space is not far behind.

 3d Doodler

Although mostly a novelty – artists, makers, and geeks give a standing ovation to the 3d doodler which allows for free form 3d printing in various colors. Proof is in the Kickstarter funding – of just over 2.3 million dollars.

 3d Printing in Medicine

Biotech companies are always on the bleeding edge (no pun intended?) which means before you know it our hospitals will be creating organs, tissue and body parts on a 3d printer.

Although “Bioprinting” is in early stages, it’s making significant strides, having already printed prototype kidneys, skin graphs, ears, bones and more. Read the in depth Popular Science article of the rise of bioprinting here.

 At Home 3d Printers

ROBO 3d is one of the first to create a smaller and more budget friendly 3d printer which can be enjoyed by designers, engineers and hobbyists alike. This new affordable 3d printer is sure to create a boom in many different industries. In fact, we predict that the constant innovation and accessibility to 3d printers will lead to a demand for 3d printers in every household. Combine that with NASA’s food printer and we are not far away from living like the Jetsons.


Author: Cliff

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