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Developing A Physical Product In Southern California – Success Story

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When you think of innovation in California, your mind might automatically conjure up images of fortune 100 web companies like Google or Facebook. However if you are as passionate about physical product like we are, you might be aware of startups such as Fisker and Martian Watches that are right here in Southern California. We’re very excited to announce that on October 23rd at 6pm/pdt here our own Joe Donoghue will be live on the Patents & Prototypes community web show with Stan Kinsey from Martian Watches. Stan  Kinsey, a former...

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Best Tips To Design For Manufacturing or DFM

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A list of tips to consider when you begin to design for manufacturing ( DFM )     Designing for Production The maker movement is on. Mass production is no longer a game only to be played by corporate giants. The internet has given individual inventors, entrepreneurs, startups and  small to medium sized businesses the tools and communities to market, fundraise, and distribute their products. Anyone with an idea can bring that idea to consumers as a product with speed and cost efficiency never available before. However, a good idea...

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Tips To Reduce Your Time-To-Market

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Reduce your time-to-market. When developing products, an entrepreneur, startup, inventor or small business can rarely assume that the market will wait or that a competitor will not introduce something smaller, better, faster, and at a lower price point. Therefore, reducing time-to-market (TTM) is a key requirement for business success and can be a competitive advantage for those that do it right. Here are a few areas to consider that will help your organization improve time-to-market: • Product specification • Fast prototyping • Incremental...

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Product Qualification : What To Know

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All About Product Qualification One aspect of product development that is often overlooked and forgotten is product qualification. Product qualification refers to the tests that are done on prototypes or the final product to be sure that it will properly operate across all external conditions and will conform to all government regulations. Without these tests, the product development is incomplete. Here are some examples of things that have gone wrong on improperly qualified products. After a long ocean shipment from Asia, an excited...

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The Patents & Prototype Live Show Recap

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Check Out The Patents & Prototypes Live Show Recap Entrepreneurs learn from Entrepreneurs and this is the reason Joe Donoghue of Leardon Solutions contributes to incubators, mentoring sessions and web live shows. Joe co-hosts the live monthly web show Patents & Prototypes and this month the live show featured two great entrepreneurs and their inventions. Steve Hartman invented the Cyclemower. It has been a long journey for Steve but the end product has shown a lot of promise when it comes to accurate grass cutting and green house gas...

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A Quick Overview of Bioplastics

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If you’re new to product development and exploring the possibility of taking your idea to the next level by building a physical prototype, it may be time to research materials from which you would like to develop your prototype and product. There are many materials on the market to choose from and some of which belong to the family of bioplastics ( biodegradable plastics ) With a name like “bioplastic” or “biodegradable plastic” one might think these terms refer to a state of the art chemical composition that is...

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Product Development and Manufacturing Ten Commandments

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The Product Development and Manufacturing Ten Commandments All product development teams that have gone through a full development cycle to design, prototype, and manufacture their product have learned that there are a set of rules that when followed result in a streamlined and successful process. Some SMEs and entrepreneurs learn this the hard way by making mistakes while others hire experts in the field who have the experience to prevent the mistakes. It doesn’t matter if you are a medium sized business in San Diego, Southern...

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Doing Business In China

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Educate Yourself When Doing Business In China If you are exploring the idea of manufacturing your product overseas and China is an option, take some time to educate yourself on Chinese culture and especially the business culture. There are many resources available on the internet to help you with this. We’ve put a list together to get you started when considering doing business in China. Often our differences in business can lead to animosity, distrust and a failed product, but in reality, it can be a simple misunderstanding and...

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San Diego Prototyping Success Stories

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What Makes Prototyping In San Diego Popular? When it comes to product development which includes prototyping, it is hard to beat San Diego in terms of resources such as inventor / entrepreneur groups, service providers and proximity to manufacturing facilities both in and out of the country. San Diego also offers a diversity of talents from pharma to action sports. If you’re dreaming of building it, chances are that there is someone here that can help you. Here’s a recap of just a few local inventors that brought their products to...

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Southern California Crowdfunding Success Stories Video Replay

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Southern California isn’t just the sun shine, beautiful beaches, endless summers and traffic. There is some serious product innovation going on here in both the San Diego area and Los Angeles area. Joe Donoghue from the Leardon team co-hosts the monthly live show ” Patents & Prototypes “. Last week the show featured two Southern California designers that had put prototypes together and launched crowdfunding campaigns. The combined campaigns raised almost 100k and set new innovations in motion for the Southern California....

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