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Avoid Product Development Disasters

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Avoid These 4 Product Development Disasters It has been said that unlike schooling, life gives you the test first and then the lesson. Product development is no exception to this rule of thumb. Due to the complexity of product development, there are many areas of risk. It’s helpful to keep in mind that things will go wrong. Great product development involves a process of gracefully recovering from the unexpected. It’s the nature of innovation to experience failure and learn from it. However, the product development process can be...

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San Diego Medical Device Groups

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San Diego is home to some of the best medical device companies in the world. A great climate, thought leadership, and top notch universities in the area attract and retain world class talent from all around the globe. It should come as no surprise then that people passionate about medical device product development in San Diego have  started smaller communities, leadership groups, and organizations to help facilitate networking, promotional events and continued thought leadership in the medical device arena. The following list is compiled of...

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Leardon Solutions San Diego Product Development

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San Diego Product Development At Leardon Solutions, we eat, breath, and sleep product development. It’s something that we’re extremely passionate about. Everyone has an innovator / entrepreneur buried within and the funnest part of our job is helping people bring that innovator / entrepreneur out by creating an environment of collaboration that combines industry experience, creative drive and thought leadership. Since 2005, we’ve been working with the product development community within San Diego and globally. We have...

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5 Tips For Preparing Your Product For Retail

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Preparing Your Product For Retail Here at Leardon solutions we pride ourselves in taking the burden of product development and manufacturing off of our clients shoulders so that they can concentrate on sales and marketing aspects of the business. If your small business or start-up is aiming at retail shelves then you’ll want to keep these 5 tips for preparing your product for retail in mind. Design For Retail Shelves Floor space in brick and mortar is expensive so your product + packaging must take up as little retail real estate as...

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Dress To Impress How To Build A Beautiful Prototype

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How To Build A Beautiful Prototype It is easy to get stuck in the “functions and features” mindset when building the first round of prototypes, but it is essential not to overlook the value of exceptional design for curb appeal. A impressive prototype can help instill confidence in a development team garner much needed media attention and allow potential customers the ability to gain an early interest in the product and brand which may have the bonus of pre-sales and fund raising. A remarkable design does not need to stall the...

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Southern California Medical Device Teams

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Southern California Medical Device Teams Southern California has its share of innovative medical research and care centers extending from the San Fernando Valley all the way to southern most parts of San Diego county. These organizations play host to medical device success stories that often begin with an idea that is pursued relentlessly until that device passes clinical trials, is approved by the FDA, and then marketed for use all over the world. Since we at Leardon are inspired by great Entrepreneurs and Startup teams that bring us many of...

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4 Questions About Your New Product

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Many now famous entrepreneurs sat on their new product ideas for a long time before prototyping that idea and taking it to market. Those same entrepreneurs often say that their biggest regret is that they didn’t do it sooner citing lack of resources and information. In today’s rapidly developing and evolving information super highway, an entrepreneur has nearly light speed access to just about any type of information needed. An argument can be made either way that the sheer abundance of data is helpful or harmful to ones cause....

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Aculief Acupressure Device Makes An Impact

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Aculief Wins Natural Products Expo Award When Leardon Solutions partnered up with the entrepreneurial minds behind the “Aculief” acupressure device to create a prototype and eventually move into production, the team at Leardon Solutions knew they were onto something but did not expect the success that the Aculief has achieved in such a short time. While the product underwent many prototype revisions to get the final product perfect in the eyes of the creators, it didn’t happen without a lot valuable feedback from initial...

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Prevent Quality Issues With Your Factory

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Quality Control A great factory relationship for a product development team is nothing short of a god send. However, until you have that relationship established, usually through a lot of business, the entrepreneur or startup can find themselves in a difficult situation with costs, quality and delivery. Quality can often be the center of attention when product starts arriving to customers and the feedback is not all positive. So how does an entrepreneur / startup team avoid quality issues when working with new or existing factory...

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The Best Prototyping In San Diego

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The Best Prototyping In San Diego San Diego is known as an innovation capital in a few niche markets such as action sports, telecommunications and medical research product development. While those seem to be the core competencies of the majority of successful companies in the San Diego area, San Diego is also garnering a reputation for entrepreneurial product development for startups and small businesses. If you are local to San Diego and looking to develop a product, you may find a wealth of opportunities and skilled product development...

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