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Leardon Solutions incorporated in 2005 with the vision of helping entrepreneurs, startups, and small to medium sized companies bring their products to market. We realized that innovative teams and companies with great ideas were falling victim to common product development problems solved by larger corporations. With decades of experience, we recognize that these enterprises have special product development needs. Leardon Solutions has tailored their product development experience at Fortune 100 companies for this unique group.

Leardon Solutions is a multinational corporation (North America, Asia, and U.K.) that provides an End-to-End Solution in product development including design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing. Entrepreneurs, startups, and small to medium sized enterprises turn to Leardon Solutions for world-class product quality, cost, and time-to-market. Our customers receive the most cost effective product development solution from a trustworthy partner with transparency and effective communication.

Our seamless operation provides you with a simple interface and assures protection of your intellectual property. We have extensive experience working in all phases of product development, from the early phases of concept generation through the production stabilization phase and volume manufacturing. By hiring Leardon Solutions, you gain access to a staff of experienced engineers and supply chain individuals without having to manage their everyday activities.

Leardon Solutions has successfully used and optimized our model for effective global product development. We maintain high standards of quality, rapid project completion schedules, and cost effectiveness. Our methodology of continually improving and maintaining efficient on-shore and off-shore teams and productive manufacturing partnerships has been developed and optimized utilizing many years of experience.

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