The Body Fly Exercise Machine Prototype By Leardon

Leardon Solutions has been not only a key component in the development of the BodyFly but also a great source of information for strategic development of BodyFly Fitness as a company. The Leardon team will always be a part of the Fly Family.

Andrei Carnes | Chief Executive Officer BodyFly LLC

Bomber Industries has been a manufacturer of high-end snow sport equipment for the past eighteen years. We made it this far because we generally take our time to make the right decisions. And one of those correct decisions was working with Leardon.  I was first introduced to Leardon several years ago from a fellow manufacturer who highly recommended them. Being a small company with limited resources we could not afford to make wrong decisions so our initial work with Leardon was very conservative. We started with having them source one single part for us and even then I believe we took over a year to commit to that. Since the success of that one part we have gained an extreme amount of confidence in Leardon and we now do quite a bit of business with them. It is great to have a company to work with who you are very comfortable calling at any time and discuss either current or new projects. Leardon has been very timely and the quality of their parts is excellent. We can tell they have a very good relationship with their vendors. Their knowledge of engineering is also a bonus as you are not just getting a salesman but someone who can help in the design and execution of the parts you need. Bomber Industries just launched a new product for the 08/09 winter season and we worked very closely with Leardon. And thanks to them it was a huge success.

Fin Doyle – President Bomber Industries

I was referred to Leardon by a former associate of mine from my Hewlett-Packard days.  I had just spent two years working on a project to set up manufacturing of a consumer product in China.  The vendors I had worked with on that project had not lived up to expectations, they had misrepresented their capabilities.  While they tried hard, they did not have the know-how to do basic trouble shooting and were greatly dependent on my organization to deal with any issues no matter how trivial.  I went to Leardon looking for vendors that had a track record of providing reliable quality tools and parts as well as maintaining quality control over production.  In my dealings with Leardon I have found them and their vendors to be very responsive.  Leardon have acted as a conduit between myself and their vendors and have actively been involved in providing design feedback, design services and engineering feedback.  We are currently in the process of taking a product to production with Leardon, I look forward to continuing our relationship and contributing to our mutual success. 

Tim Kranz – Engineer Sturman BG

The University of Ulster is the largest University in Ireland and along side it’s academic and research activities it is a leader in enterprise activity. As part of this activity the University Experts offer assistance to the business community. The University’s commercial division is called UUTech Ltd. and provides expertise in a range of disciplines. My Colleague Stephen McGilloway and I work as product designers under the sub-brand of Bigsmall design consultants. We are on the tender list for a range of national professional design services and engage closely with Invest NI, the regional enterprise development group.

My history with Leardon goes back to before they were established, to 1995 when their lead engineer and I worked together in the Automotive industry for GE Plastics on projects for companies such as Mercedes, Opel, Smart and Audi. Since Leardon’s establishment we have worked closely together and as a result we have had several projects, research related and commercial, which have been developed on the strength of their services. A good example is the HugX dog dinning ware which won the Global Product Innovation Award, at Pet Fashion Week 2008. Leardon have become embedded as part of Northern Ireland’s product development cycle as we recommend them to other companies. A successful example is Randox laboratories who now use them to speed up and improve the quality of their products at prototype and production level.

We have found Leardon Solutions to be excellent business partners, who are dedicated and focused with each and every project we bring to them. The speed and quality or return is excellent. They offer value added services through their in depth knowledge of the product development industry as leading professionals in their own right. One of the most impressive aspects is their immediate availability, even though we are working in different time zones, we have very prompt and efficient communication. This simple but essential point is indicative of their entire business model. It has been highly beneficial to our work engaging with Leardon and pleasurable doing business with them. We expect this will continue for many years to come.

Justin Magee- MIDI Distinguished Business Fellow Senior Lecturer in Product Design & 3D Multimedia Coordinator of Academic Enterprise: Arts School of Creative Arts Magee Campus University of Ulster