Create A Best In Class Wearable Device

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Create A Best In Class Wearable Device

With companies like Samsung and Apple jumping into the wearable device category of technology, the speed of innovation is sure to increase.
While these companies can spend hundreds of millions of dollars on research and innovation, the component prices for Wearable Devices has decreased so much in the last decade that garage hackers and device enthusiasts can build their own prototypes with a reasonable and achievable amount of capital and time.
Unlike fortune 500 companies, DIY innovators will need to wear (no pun intended) many hats to rise to the challenge. There are some key areas of wearable devices that set these devices apart from others.

Understand the Human Factors:

A wearable device will have an uphill challenge with adaptation if it isn’t comfortable. Human Factors include but are not limited to comfort. The comfort of the device is a great place to start then move on the usability of the product. For example, if the device is a watch, can it be worn on both wrists and function similarly on both wrists?

Understated or Overstated but not in between:

Since wearable devices can be a fashion statement, it is important to understand if the device needs to make a statement or not. Let us assume that we are talking about a smart watch. Should the smart watch standout or not? How can the industrial design and functionality be affected by the purpose of the device? Will it need to flashy or not obvious?
For some wearable medical devices that Leardon Solutions works on, less obvious is often preferred, so minimizing the footprint of the device will help achieve this and often increase the comfort level.

The Hardware is a means to an end, at the end is the software:

Phones and tablets have demonstrated that while great hardware can make a world of difference, at the end of the day, a variety of software (OS and Apps) play a crucial role in the experience that the user has.
Devices that function well and attract the right kind of software development community will often pull ahead of a crowded line-up of devices. A Best In Class Wearable Device will feature an open SDK that allows people to experiment and innovate on their own. 

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Author: Cliff

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