Product Development Problems

Fixing Product Development Problems

     If you have found yourself scratching your head in frustration while your external design team, manufacturing partners, or factories continue to make low quality products at an extremely high price, you’re not alone. These are common product development problems.

Leardon Solutions can:

  • Fully qualify your product by performing required product qualification tests
  • Implement a manufacturing quality plan from incoming inspection to outgoing audits.
  • Perform on-site factory audits to verify factories are meeting expected quality goals
  • Qualify a supplier for your supply chain through rigorous on-site factory visits and audits
  • Utilize our global engineers and supply chain experts to manage vendors and suppliers while speaking the local language and understanding local business practices
  • Make recommendations and perform redesigns to reduce cost and improve quality by designing for manufacturability
  • Work with you and the supplier to ensure transparency and improve communication in all parts of the supply chain
  • Select suppliers and manage supply chain to reduce cost
  • Develop and implement a strategy to ensure an efficient and scalable supply chain

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     While larger organizations have the internal engineers and supply chain specialists to quickly resolve these issues, it is the kiss of death to an entrepreneur, startup, or small business trying to get a quality product to market on time.

     Frustrated proprietors come to Leardon Solutions asking for help to resolve this situation more often than we would like to see. The good news is that a project can be saved from certain death with the right people in place.

     At Leardon, we can deal directly with your manufacturers, sourcing partners and other suppliers to resolve quality, design, manufacturing, and assurance of supply issues.