Leardon Featured On Gettin’ Down To Business

Troy HazardWith the downturn in the economy, a lot of people have taken this opportunity to go after that dream of entrepreneurship. At Leardon Solutions, we feel like product development for entrepreneurs / inventors is more popular than it has ever been in last few decades and one of the upsides is the amount of innovation coming through. We’ve been on our toes trying to get critical information out to the market place to help people succeed. Types of information include tips on how to prototype, manufacturing in the USA and overseas, the product development lifecycle and how to avoid pitfalls within the process.

Recently, Joe Donoghue of Leardon Solutions had the opportunity to be a guest on Troy Hazard‘s new show “Gettin’ Down To Business”. The show is about an hour long and they really get into detail about the product development process. If you want to see the entire episode just click here. We’ve put together a quick highlight reel for your enjoyment as well.

Good luck with your product development and please contact us with any questions.

Author: Cliff

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