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Do you tend to lose or forget things? Have you ever left your iPad, Macbook Air, or similar device at a restaurant, in a cab or at the coffee shop? Fewer  things are worse than realizing that the one device that holds all of your very  important information is stranded somewhere without you.

How Can Lupo help?

Leardon Solutions helped develop Lupo, the worlds first multi-functional Bluetooth button for loss prevention, lost item recovery and remote control. In addition, the Lupo is designed to become a platform for the creation of new applications and comes with a software development kit (SDK) designed to enable app developers to build their own unique apps on the device.


The full range of Lupo capabilities include:

Lupo for Loss Prevention

The Lupo can be set to activate anti-loss and anti-theft alerts, including audible and visible alarms and/or SMS like messages, when personal items are left behind or someone else moves them. In addition, Lupo can help to prevent data theft by automatically locking a computer when the user steps away from it, the first device of its kind to offer this service. 

Lupo for recovery of lost items 

Lupo can help find lost possessions through “last known location” finding and crowd-sourced updates on a map, to help recover a lost item.

Lupo for remote control

LUPO can be used as a Bluetooth remote controller for controlling a smartphone camera to take the perfect selfie or to click through presentations, which are just two apps that are built-in to LUPOI.

Lupo for developers

Software developers can build their own Bluetooth applications on the Lupo platform with the Lupo SDK, allowing them to program the button and harness the built-in accelerometer for gesture control, plus its location-based and proximity detection technologies to create new and useful applications.

Now for a some Lupo Q&A

Who is behind Lupo?

Raj SARK (Product & Hardware): Raj has experience of working in the wireless technology industry for more than five years. Raj is an active member of the start-up community in the UK, and had been selected as a MIT GSW Fellow.

Razvan MOCANU (Software & App): A naturally talented software developer, Razvan has been developing the Lupo software, product features and app to be user friendly and optimizing the power management module of Lupo software and firmware.

Nick DUDDY (Web & Mobile): Nick is in charge of ‘all things web’. An energetic member of the team, Nick helped launch the first version of the Lupo App on the App Store with great success. Nick is an online and SEO specialist with a passion for wearable tech.

Leardon: What inspired Lupo?

Mr. Sark: We are all sometimes great at losing things. A close friend of mine managed to lose her laptop at London Heathrow and also a new iPhone on another occasion. Our personal stuff is much more than the money it costs to replace, it was when I decided to create something that would help prevent this sort of hassle in the future.

Leardon: Where can someone learn more about Lupo?

Kickstarter ( )


Leardon: When can we expect to see Lupo in the market place?

Mr. Sark: Crowdfunding first on Kickstarter, and then there will be a web shop on Lupo site and we are talking to distributors.

Leardon: How can the community help Lupo with their next immediate challenge?

Mr. Sark: Share, connect and engage with Lupo on social media. Forward to people who are into gadgets and new technology to check out and preorder the Lupo on Kickstarter

Leardon: If someone wants to contact the LUPO team, where can they?


Danny Sullivan


Tel: +44 772 497 4255



Product Info




Ph: 0845 0341440; Mob.: 07450 247682.

Author: Nick : Editor at Large -Leardon Solutions

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