Medical Device Orphan Products Grants Program

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Orphan Products Grants Program

The team at Leardon Solutions recently had the honor of attending the 2014 Annual Symposium at The Center For Technology And Innovation In Pediatrics held at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. The purpose of the symposium was to get Surgeons, Doctors, product development experts and thought leaders in one room for a day of brainstorming around “A New Era In Pediatric Innovation”.

With so much innovation happening in the technology sector, medicine stands to benefit greatly, but most importantly tuning those technologies to serve unique patient needs will be key to innovation.

During the 2014 Annual Symposium, many topics were discussed, and Orphan Products were no exception.

What is a medical device Orphan Product?

Well to sum it up, it’s a group of medical device products that serve a variety of conditions that are rare and unusual making commercialization or mass production of these medical devices expensive and difficult to acquire. However, with new technologies working their way into the area of medicine, many of the traditional barriers to entry are breaking down. Using technologies and new data like 3D printing, therapeutic and diagnostic gaming, and genomic information are contributing to evolution in medicine.

At the symposium, a grants program was revealed to help bring some orphan products to life using these newer technologies.

If an organization is looking at developing a medical device(s) for rare or previously impossible to treat conditions, looking at the Orphan Products Grants Program can assist with continued development and iterations of an orphaned product. Visit the FDA site for more info on the Orphan Product Grant Program and the Pediatric Consortium for more information about solving pediatric problems with new medical devices.

Author: Cliff

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