Necrotizing Entercolitis and the Million Dollar Babies

The Leardon Solutions Logo Represents Innovation And Quality From Medical Devices To Consumer GoodsLeardon Solutions is working with Dr. Grikscheit, and the Keck School of Medicine at the Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles to come up with a robust solution for Necrotizing Entercolitis, a life threatening condition which commonly occurs in premature babies. Learn more about Necrotizing Entercolitis here.

One story that really struck us was from Kim Rowley a mother who endured what no mother should have to endure. In 1994 Kim’s twin girls were born prematurely and then immediately struck with many medical issues including Necrotizing Entercolitis. Both babies had a very small chance of living, but after many painful months and countless surgeries the babies finally came through. Kim proudly calls them her “Million Dollar Babies” and she is thankful for every moment she gets to spend with her miracles.

Kim not only bravely tells her story here, but she also took a survey of other mothers with babies who were diagnosed with necrotizing entercolitis and her findings include some interesting trends, which include the propensity of Necrotizing Entercolitis to appear mostly in males and formula fed premature babies. Read more about her findings here.

It’s these stories that push Dr. Grikscheit and the Keck School of Medicine at the Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles to innovate and change the fate of babies and other patients suffering from Necrotizing Entercolitis. We are proud to be a part of the team that will push these medical innovations forward.

Author: Cliff

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