Product Development With The Customer In Mind From Day 1

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Product Development With The Customer In Mind

With the advent of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter,  and e-tail solutions like, communication for a global community is now easier than ever before in history. This is great news in many ways, but especially for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses attempting to launch new products into the market place.

While the fundamentals of building and selling product are still very much the same as they have always been. Never before in history has the entrepreneur / small business had a global reach like they have now.

However, with that voice and reach that communications technology allows an organization, comes responsibilities of thinking about product development differently in terms of what roll the customer plays in the development of that product from day one.

It is now more important than ever to build a customer-centric product from the inception of the product all the way through manufacturing and even at the point of sale. The reason why is that the global community can make or break a product in very little time.

Functions like customer reviews and ratings on many trusted sites have in large part, replaced high dollar marketing campaigns from a consumer perceptive. User reviews direct from the consumer are a powerful alley or foe. If you build a great product, many people will know about it quickly. If you build a bad product, many more people will know about even faster.

An immediate action item is to thoroughly evaluate your intended end user and to be sure that you are in fact building a product that addresses a need or want. Making this a core value proposition will help keep your product development team focused and avoid the pitfalls of feature creep.

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Author: Cliff

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