RokLees by EcoLeeser

The RokLees by EcoLeeser is a rockfish release device that increases the survivability of rockfish suffering from barotrauma upon release. With the RokLees you simply unhook the fish, attach the open jaws of the RokLees to the lower jaw of the fish, gently lift the RokLees with fish attached over the rail, and place it in the water. Upon reaching 30m (100ft), jerk up on the rod once or twice to release the fish. Tagging and recapture studies showed some released fish were still alive eighteen months later.

Leardon Solutions, Joseph Donoghue, Southern California Product Development, Southern California Prototyping, manufacturing, engineering, medical deviceBenefits of adopting RokLees include:

* Releasing fish at the right depth increases their chance of survival

* Significant ability to return a fish to its habitat unharmed (no piercing of fish or Fisherman’s fingers or clothing)

* The practice of venting fish is still under research and may prove to be more harmful than good

* Major impact on the survival, conservation and growth of endangered species

* Allows sport fishing to continue unabated, which benefits the global business massively

* Extremely easy to use and no training required

Author: Nick : Editor at Large -Leardon Solutions

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