Industrial Design

Global Design

While Leardon Solutions was born in the United States, a majority of our industrial design work is completed by our design staff located in Leardon Solutions Ltd. U.K. Design Centre. Our global presence means that the Leardon Team can leverage the best of the best when it comes to a specific part of the product development cycle: American engineering, Taiwanese manufacturing, and European design and styling. This potent combination means that the client receives unmatched value when selecting Leardon Solutions as their end-to-end product development partner.

Human Factors

Great design means understanding how a product will be used. The Leardon Solutions team is comprised of former talent from industry leaders such as Hewlett Packard, Boeing, and BMW. These companies are at the forefront of Human Factors design and these talents are now available to the clients and partners of Leardon Solutions.

Leardon Solutions considers Human Factors at every level of development, from initial investigation research to completed production prototype manufacturing. Each project is examined from every angle and analyzed for the best usability and ease of use.

Designed for Manufacturability

Our team has a trained and experienced eye for designing for manufacturability. Designing for manufacturability doesn’t stop when the bare bone functional prototype leaves the lab to be designed for market. It’s critical that all projects be designed with manufacturability in mind which requires consideration of all areas of industrial design that will help lessen the cost, increase the quality, and speed a product to market by evaluating a physical design to see how it can be made better, faster, and cheaper. Our design for manufacturability spans medical devices, diagnostic equipment, consumer products and active sports products of every shape and size.

Your Design : Our Engineering

Have a design that you are particularly proud of? Want us to engineer it? No Problem!

We can take a closer look at your design and make recommendations where changes can be made to improve manufacturability as well as reduce costs in the process.

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