Leardon Solutions is a turn-key manufacturer of mechanical and electrical products and has the ability to meet any demand fulfillment requirements utilizing a global supply chain.

Mechanical Manufacturing

  • Mold flow analysis, tooling fabrication, and part manufacturing
  • Assembly jig/measurement fixture design and fabrication
  • Finishing treatments including chemical plating and anodizing
  • 3-D coordinate measuring, optical profile comparison with GD&T

Electrical Manufacturing

  • Single layer and multi-layer PCB and FPC
  • SMT, through-hole, and wave solder
  • Testing fixtures (ICT and functional testers), DfM, and DfX


  • Final assembly with quality control to customer specifications
  • Assembly jig and fixture design and fabrication
  • Test jig and fixture design
  • QC and final quality auditing
  • Assembly cycle time optimization
  • DfM, DfA, and DfX

Total Quality Solutions

  • Qualification testing plans and quality specifications
  • Audit Plans

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