Leardon Solutions fabricates proof-of-concept prototypes and design prototypes that allow our customers to pursue intellectual property or investment for their product ideas.  Also, when customers choose to take a product into production and sell themselves, our prototyping capabilities set the stage to qualify the design for production readiness.

Mechanical Prototyping

  • Detailed machining and turning of large and small parts
  • Large and small case part functional prototype machining
  • Silicone molding of plastic and elastomer parts
  • Aluminum and carbon steel plastic molding tooling for pre-production runs
  • Surface textures, painting, urethane soft-touch coating, and EMI coatings
  • Laser-cut sheet metal parts
  • Prototype assembly

Electrical Prototyping

  • Breadboard assembly for circuit proof-of-concept
  • Quick turn printed circuit boards (PCB)
  • Low volume printed circuit assembly (PCA)
  • Firmware programming for functional testing

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