Sturman BG Tap-A-Draft

The Sturman BG TAP-A-DRAFT is a patented, easy to use, beverage dispensing system thatLeardon Solutions, Joseph Donoghue, Southern California Product Development, Southern California Prototyping, manufacturing, engineering, beer tap includes a reusable 6-liter bottle and a screw-on tap. Once the bottle is filled with the beer of choice, the tap is simply twisted on with no external pressurization needed. The beer will then stay carbonated for weeks, while glasses of beer are drawn from the bottle with our easy-to-use tap.

TAP-A-DRAFT® uses standard disposable CO2 cartridges to regulate the pressure inside the 6-liter bottle, keeping beverages carbonated. As the beverage is dispensed, the cartridges replace the vacant space in the bottle with CO2. This regulated pressure allows the bottle contents to flow effortlessly from the easy-to-use tap. CoorsMiller recently licensed the Tap-A-Draft for their global product line of home drafts.

Author: Nick : Editor at Large -Leardon Solutions

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