Temporary Bone Filler

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Temporary Bone Filler

Surgical procedures have come a very long way over the last decade. The technologies and techniques for treating acute cancers and other types of ailments have progressed by an order of magnitude. However, procedures which require repetitive entry into the bones, have mostly gone unchanged, and as a result can cause a variety of life-threatening infections and complications in patients. Sure, Antibiotics can fix a lot, but there is a new string of medical devices being developed to help reduce the chance of infection or assist with the treatment of infection.

The Problem:

Infections can be very problematic in that they are difficult to treat, often requiring additional surgeries to access the source of the problem. In some instances, bones must be re-drilled to access the infected area. These problems become compounded when addressing this issue within children. 

A Proposed Solution:

Enter the Temporary Bone Filler, an innovative medical device being that is currently being developed by Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles with assistance from Leardon Solutions.

Leardon Solutions and CHLA develop Temporary Bone Filler Medical Device


The Temporary Bone Filler is a plug that is placed in an open surgical cavity allowing easier access to that cavity at a later time with minimally invasive techniques. The Bone Filler prevents the bone from growing over the surgical site and sealing the hole before treatment is complete. A process that can take from 6 weeks to 6 months depending on conditions and the location of the cavity.

Areas of Application:

Spinal fusion surgery and other non-spine applications

Implant site infection, implant rejection, necessity of removing implants due to untoward sequlae (spine implants that led to paralysis), poor soft-tissue healing over implants, etc

Credit – http://scctip.com/projects/detail/temporary-bone-filler/#development-stage


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