The Best Prototyping In San Diego

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The Best Prototyping In San Diego

San Diego is known as an innovation capital in a few niche markets such as action sports, telecommunications and medical research product development. While those seem to be the core competencies of the majority of successful companies in the San Diego area, San Diego is also garnering a reputation for entrepreneurial product development for startups and small businesses.

If you are local to San Diego and looking to develop a product, you may find a wealth of opportunities and skilled product development professionals in San Diego when it comes to physical prototyping.

So how do you pick the best prototyping partner for your prototype?

Ask yourself these questions:

1) What market am I pursuing?

– Understanding your market and what product offerings are currently in your space will help you get an idea of what materials competitors are using. Prototyping with your desired materials is always a good practice because it gives you and your team a much more in-depth understanding of fit, form and function.

2) There are a lot of rapid prototyping shops, which one do I choose?

– We get this question a lot, and the truth is, it really comes down to your product requirements. 3d / rapid prototyping is very cool stuff and may be great for a product where the overall visual design is more important than the function of the product since rapid prototyping often doesn’t take a variety of materials into consideration. For example, prototyping a fancy new paperweight widget is great for 3d printing and rapid prototyping, but something more in depth with many moving parts like something as simple as a can opener or as complicated as a medical device needs to be designed and prototyped with tolerances for different materials in kept in mind.

3) Does my preferred prototyping partner have experience in my space?

     – It’s one thing to be able to make any type of prototype, but to have experience in the specific market is invaluable as it will avoid many pitfalls from prototyping to manufacturing. We recommend that you shop your idea around and not consider just the price of the service, but the overall value of the prototyping service. Value can include industry knowledge and manufacturing relationships as examples.

San Diego has some of the best in class prototyping / product development partners around. You do not have to live in San Diego to work with them, many prototyping companies have embraced and nearly perfected global collaboration.

If you are looking for rapid prototyping, 3d printing or building a full functioning prototype as close the production version as possible, San Diego probably has a great prototyping partner for you.

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Author: Cliff

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