What questions should a contract engineering firm ask when you are interviewing them?

The Leardon Solutions Logo Represents Innovation And Quality From Medical Devices To Consumer GoodsWhat questions should a contract engineering firm ask when you are interviewing them?

Here’s the scenario. An organization is knee deep in getting a product to market. In order to speed this effort, outsourcing some of the engineering seems to make the most sense because it will save money and speed the time to market. When the organization is interviewing engineering companies to hire, there are a few questions that you should expect a professional and experienced engineering company to ask.
The engineering company should realize that the company interviewing them has a LOT of knowledge about the industry and the competition in their market. A prospective outsource contract engineering team should leverage as much of the organizational knowledge as possible so as not to repeat mistakes made in the past.
The question from your prospective engineering team should be something like:
“Can we work closely with your internal team to avoid technologies or reinventing strategies that have not worked for you in the past? Can we leverage their knowledge to help with innovation by analyzing successes?”
Other questions should reflect knowledge of the product development lifecycle. A well-qualified engineering team will have their own project lifecycle, however, the engineering team should be able to effectively and efficiently integrate their product development lifecycle with that of the customers.
A good question from the contract engineering team should sounds something like this.
“We use a phase gate product development process that has been tuned over the years. However, we would like to be an integral part of your team. May we see your product development lifecycle process so that we can evaluate it and make a proposal on how to integrate it with ours?”
Lastly, support comes in many forms but when it comes to engineering, support needs to be properly defined to meet and exceed expectations over the long run. A good question from your contract engineering team may sound something like:
“We want our engineering support to extend beyond the immediate deliverables. Who can we talk to about mapping out your resource requirements over the long run?”
Hiring contract engineering services can be a great way to fix issues that could otherwise take an organization’s primary team off their objective of delivering the product to customers. It is also an affordable way to bring in quality and outside perspectives on any project.
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