Leardon Solutions consists of four solution groups that apply thorough product development processes to the needs of our customers.  This team has capabilities in program management, product design, engineering, prototyping, product qualification, and volume production.


Industrial Design Solutions

The Design Solutions team provides customers with a multifunctional engineering team with extensive experience in all areas of design across a wide range of products and projects.  This group adds value by providing a team of highly experienced industrial, mechanical, electrical, and firmware engineers to help you meet the objectives and deliverables of the program, thereby allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

Our design services include:

  • Design For Manufacturability (DFM)
  • Human Factors Analysis and Integration
  • 3D CAD, Wire-framing, Sketches
  • 3D Printing




Leardon Solutions fabricates proof-of-concept prototypes and design prototypes that allow our customers to pursue intellectual property or investment for their product ideas.  Also, when customers choose to take a product into production and sell themselves, our prototyping capabilities set the stage to qualify the design for production readiness.

Our prototyping services include:

Mechanical Prototyping

  •     Detailed prototype machining of large and small plastic and metal parts
  •     Laser-cut sheet metal parts
  •     Silicone molding of plastic and elastomer parts
  •     Aluminum and carbon steel plastic molding tooling for pre-production runs
  •     Surface textures, painting, urethane soft-touch coating, and EMI coatings
  •     Prototype assembly

Electrical Prototyping

  •     Breadboard assembly for circuit proof-of-concept
  •     Small quantity prototype  printed circuit boards (PCB) and assembly (PCBA)
  •     Firmware programming for functional testing



Engineering Solutions

Leardon Solutions utilizes tier 1 global product development strategies to engineer products that meet functional requirements with design margin and are ready for production.

  • A sound and strategic product architecture: Product architecture is the strategic practice of aligning major systems and minor subsystems within a framework to which those major and minor systems can interact.
  • System Integration: Proper system integration is the process of combining component subsystems into one functioning system.
  • Industrial Design: Leardon Solutions uses a combination of hardware engineers and design experts to achieve innovative industrial design. By doing so, a product not only looks greats but also functions above and beyond expectations.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Addressing the design, construction, and use of machines and mechanisms.
  • Electrical Engineering: Manipulating electricity, electronics and electromagnetism to achieve defined goals.
  • Firmware Engineering: Embedded systems for devices like appliances, mobile phones, and medical / diagnostic equipment.
  • Software Engineering: Implementing engineering principles into software development for mobile, medical, and consumer devices.
  • Specification Development: Leardon’s proprietary specification development is a tried and true method for establishing a development timeline that is both accurate and cost effective. The Leardon specification development method prioritizes first and second order objectives with the underlying intention to assist with all other facets of development on any given project. Our specification development undergoes a thorough audit by all engineering, design, and manufacturing teams. Our customers know what they are getting, when they getting it, and how much they are paying to get it.
  • Design Margin and Product Qualification: Thanks in large part to our consumer products experience, the Leardon Solutions team takes design margin very serious. Our objective is to design, build, and manufacture a product that will last the test of time and endure expected abuses. The Leardon Design margin strategy can include drop tests, heat, humidity, shake/vibration and various other types of tests designed to gain valuable data on the performance of the product.



Manufacturing Solutions

The Manufacturing Solutions team provides best-in-class customer service through excellent communications on project status, on-time delivery, competitive pricing, world-class engineering capabilities, and scalable demand fulfillment services. This group adds value to the customer by providing manufacturing feedback that helps accelerate time-to-market and minimize cost. 

Our manufacturing services include:

Mechanical Manufacturing

  • Mold flow analysis, tooling fabrication, and part manufacturing
  • Assembly jig/measurement fixture design and fabrication
  • Finishing treatments including chemical plating and anodizing
  • 3-D coordinate measuring, optical profile comparison with GD&T

Electrical Manufacturing

  • Single layer and multi-layer PCB and FPC
  • SMT, through-hole, and wave solder
  • Testing fixtures (ICT and functional testers), DfM, and DfX


  • Final assembly with quality control to customer specifications
  • Assembly jig and fixture design and fabrication
  • Test jig and fixture design
  • QC and final quality auditing
  • Assembly cycle time optimization
  • DfM, DfA, and DfX

Total Quality Solutions

  • Qualification testing plans and quality specifications
  • Audit Plans